How to Find a Job Through Networking Even When You're Too Busy to Network


Whether you have a job or you’re spending all your time applying, it can be challenging to make time to network on top of everything else. Networking is the activity that is often the first to go when you’re overwhelmed with other obligations or goals, but it is often the most influential in finding a new job. Here’s how to make the time to find a job through networking – even when you’re too busy to network:


  • Prioritize Consistency

If you wait until you “have time” to network, it will likely never happen. Make the time by scheduling it on a regular basis, just like any other meeting or professional obligation. Put a reminder on your calendar once a week to do something related to networking, such as researching, contacting someone you’ve met, posting in a forum, or actually attending an event.


  • Set Attainable Goals

Make networking seem less overwhelming so you feel like you can fit it into your busy schedule by setting attainable goals. Clarifying a specific number of events you want to attend, how many people you want to reach out to, how often you post on an industry forum, etc., makes it easier to make progress and stick to it.


  • Utilize Social Media

No time in your jam-packed schedule for attending in-person networking events or one-on-one meetings over coffee? Turn to social media to network in a way that works best for you on your own time. LinkedIn is the professional networking site, but you can also join industry groups on Facebook or follow influential people on Twitter. Be an active participant in discussions or use it to contact people directly.


  • Look for Existing Opportunities

The most effective networking is usually unplanned and completely organic anyway, so don’t fret if you don’t have room in your schedule to actively pursue it. Instead, look for ways to incorporate networking into your everyday interactions. Chat with someone in another department while you’re at the copy machine, or when you’re at a social gathering outside of work. You never know who you’ll meet or what valuable advice or job leads they may have.


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