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There is often a major discrepancy between the rules in your call center’s official policy, and how things are actually done day-to-day. These unspoken rules can be confusing and frustrating for employees who want to know what’s expected of them but feel like they have to guess or look for clues on how to behave. Learn more about why unspoken rules in your call center are bad for business:


  • Lose Out on Top Talent

The highest performers are the ones who are internally motivated and driven to succeed – and unspoken rules can be a major hindrance to their ability to do so. If you want to attract and retain top talent, unspoken rules are likely to push them away, in favor of competitions workplaces that value transparency.


  • Instill a Negative Company Culture

The cryptic nature of unspoken rules can result in employees second-guessing themselves and losing confidence, or only learning the unspoken rules by taking actions they didn’t even know were wrong. This can instill a negative company culture in which employees are on edge, or they give up trying because they think it doesn’t make a difference.


  • Create Distrustful Relationships

Unspoken rules can lead to an “us vs. them” mentality that prevents effective teamwork between employees and with management. If employees are always questioning the motives of their colleagues or superiors and wondering whether they can take what’s said at face value, they may start to distrust one another, as well as leadership.


  • Hinders Productivity

Fundamentally, unspoken rules quite literally waste time that could be better utilized in your call center. The amount of time employees have to spend tracking down information or fixing errors is at the expense of more productive activities. Eliminating unspoken rules and instead, communicating them openly can save time and get the desired results with a lot less frustration and confusion.


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