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When you’re in the process of trying to recruit top candidates, it can be tempting to put the most positive spin on your company and the job itself. However, only focusing on the best aspects can come across as disingenuous to candidates, especially in a day and age in which information, good and bad, can easily be found online via review sites or other forums. Don’t be afraid that transparency will send candidates running – in fact, it is more likely to attract the right ones. Learn more about why candidates want to work for companies that are transparent:


  • They’ll Know if the Job is Right for Them

Candidates want to know the full story when it comes to the job descriptions, the good and bad, so they can determine if it’s right for them. If you aren’t transparent and make a job sound more exciting than it really is, or avoid discussing the more mundane or unpleasant tasks, you will lose out on top talent. You may get them to accept the initial job offer, but once they come in and see what the job is really like, they’ll be heading out the door as soon as they can find a job elsewhere.


  • It Gives Them Insight into Company Culture

Company culture is often the underlying factor in job satisfaction. Candidates look for companies who value being transparent because it gives them insight into its culture. Being transparent during recruitment is indicative to candidates that your company will also be transparent with its employees, whether it’s sharing important news, giving feedback, or communicating about internal advancement opportunities. It shows that your leaders are more likely to treat employees as equals, rather than having an “us vs. them” mentality.


  • It Indicates Level of Integrity

Ultimately, a lack of transparency shows that a company is accepting of the notion of purposely omitting information. This sends the message to candidates that the company may lack integrity, which can have significant consequences for employees. A company that doesn’t value integrity may be more prone to accepting unethical behavior, making candidates less likely to want to work there.


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