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Implementing a targeted recruitment strategy generally will result in having multiple candidates who are qualified and all-around great choices. When you don’t have a clear front-runner, it’s necessary to develop an objective set of criteria to evaluate between two equally qualified candidates. Avoid making subjective judgment calls and determine how to decide between two candidates by focusing on these factors:

  • Essential Skills

When you’re evaluating two candidates who seem equally qualified overall, make it easier to objectively choose between them by taking a closer look at their proficiency in the most essential skills for the position. Narrow down the top two to three most crucial skills, traits, or other background qualifications for the position, and then assess each candidate based on those core strengths only. For example, perhaps industry experience or a degree from a high ranking university aren’t as important as having demonstrated achievement in sales performance.

  • Cultural Fit

Culture fit can help predict whether or not it would be mutually satisfactory experience if one candidate was hired over the other. Culture fit isn’t a popularity contest or only picking candidates who are just like you – this would just lead to decreased diversity and a lack of innovation. A candidate’s cultural fit should take into account the underlying values and mission of the company, and how well they align with that candidate’s own preferences. For example, a candidate who thrives off cutthroat competition would not work well if your work environment is one that does not reward that attitude.

  • Long Term Goals

Ideally, when you hire a new employee, you want it to be an investment and have them stay with your company for a long time. When deciding between two candidates, focus on gaining insight into their long term goals and whether or not they would be likely to pursue those goals with your company versus if the position would be a stepping stone for them to eventually leave and go elsewhere.

  • Enthusiasm

Employees who are the most passionate about their roles also tend to be the most engaged in their work, and hence the most productive. Often the best deciding factor between candidates who are similarly qualified is to simply look into who seems to want the job more. The more genuinely enthusiastic candidate will generally bring that attitude into the job if hired and work harder than someone who has the right skills, but is indifferent to the specific position or your company.


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