Will My Customer Service Job be Replaced by a Chatbot?


The use of chatbots, or artificial intelligence or computer programs that can interact with customers online via text, is on the rise for customer service. Obviously they are more efficient than a human worker since they can work at all hours with no need for time off, but they can’t perform all customer service tasks. Chatbots are generally used to work in conjunction with real-life customer service representatives, not instead of, so don’t fear for your customer service job! Learn more about what aspects of a customer service job could (and can’t) be replaced by a chatbot:


  • Standard Questions

Chatbots can be programmed to recognize and respond to the most basic of inquiries that have set answers. However, as most customer service representatives know through experience, customer inquiries are often more in-depth and personalized. So while chatbots can deal with standard questions, they won’t replace you – they’ll just free up your time to deal with the customers who really need your assistance more.


  • Identification

Another way in which chatbots can work alongside customer service representatives, rather than replacing them, is through alerts. For example, when an item is out of stock or backordered in a warehouse, chatbots will automatically identify that and alert customers who are trying to order said product. This saves time and stress for customers, but also for service representatives, who won’t have to spend their time manually tracking down item whereabouts and looking for updates.


  • System Process

In a warehouse, a seamless fulfillment system process keeps things running efficiently and prevents items from being lost in transit or forgotten about. Chatbots can be used to ensure each step of the system process is followed by providing reminders to employees and flagging the system if a task is not completed. Utilizing chatbots for ensuring the system process is followed cuts down on customer complaints, while getting all warehouse employees on the same page and not letting things slip through the cracks.


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