How to Incorporate Social Customer Service into Your Business


Social media isn’t just for marketing and brand awareness for companies, it’s become an important customer service tool. Consumers are increasingly using social media sites to communicate with companies – in fact, more than one-third of surveyed consumers reported preferring social media over phone or email for their customer service needs, according to the Q2 2016 Sprout Social Index. Learn more about how to incorporate social customer service into your business.


  • Respond Quickly

Time is of the essence with social media. If you want to incorporate it into your customer service strategy, your representatives must prioritize it just like a phone call. Ensure social media channels are being monitored and customers are getting responses within 24 hours, or not only will you have one dissatisfied customer, you’ll have a public audience who will see that your company wasn’t timely.


  • Avoid Sending Them Offline

If customers contact you via social media, this indicates it is their preferred mode of communication.  Work within that channel as much as you can so they don’t have to complete multiple steps for resolution. Answer their inquiries as thoroughly as you can on social media, and avoid telling them to call an 800 number or fill out a form on your company’s website.


  • Communicate That You Care

Emphasizing with your customer and validating their feelings is especially important on social media. Since it’s more difficult to determine tone with text and no voice, use your words to communicate that you care. Responding with something like, “I’m sorry you’re dealing with this inconvenience, I’ll help make it right!” can go a long way toward showing you value your customers.


  • Stay Transparent

Unlike customer service calls or emails, social media does not provide that same privacy. It can be tempting to delete unfavorable comments on social media since they’re on display for all to see, but that is ill-advised since it can make your company seem like it has something to hide. Stay transparent and keep good and bad comments up (with the exception of spam or outright profanity.)


  • Track Inquiries and Resolutions

Treat customer service social media interactions in the same manner as your other inquiries. Track these incidents, and record the resolutions. Social media may seem like a more casual mode of communication with customers, but it’s just as important as any other method.

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