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Approximately 65% of American workers do not feel engaged at work, according to workplace engagement surveys from Gallup. Lack of engagement can lead to lower productivity, reduced satisfaction, and be bad for overall branding.  Improving company culture can significantly boost engagement levels and should be an organizational goal; however, it’s especially important when unemployment levels are low. Learn more about why you have to focus on company culture during times of low unemployment.


  • Recruitment

Attracting top talent is not just about the job itself and accompanying compensation. When candidates are deciding which employers to pursue, a company’s culture factors significantly into their decision. In fact, top talent may be willing to take a slight pay cut to work at a smaller company but with a positive company culture that values work-life balance, for example. Focusing on company culture can help you recruit top talent and prevent them from going to your competition during times of low unemployment when they have a variety of options.


  • Retention

Once you’ve gotten top talent in the door, your company culture is often what contributes to their decision to stay and grow within your company or pursue other options. If your company culture doesn’t appear to value professional development, employees may opt to go somewhere that offers more training and opportunities for advancement. Prioritizing company culture can help you retain your best workers and have them remain committed to your organization. Solicit their feedback regularly to find out what they would like to see in your company’s culture.


  • Engagement

New hires generally are ambitious and ready to work hard and go above and beyond. Unfortunately, a negative or cynical company culture can eventually lead employees to dial back their efforts because they are no longer engaged. Once employees lack engagement, they are likely to mentally check out from your company and start looking elsewhere where they can start fresh and go back to being motivated to be a top performer. When jobs are scarce, they may stay put because they don’t feel like they have a choice; however, during times of low unemployment, they may be on the lookout for places with a better culture.

Attract top talent to your team with the RPC Company.  Since 2002, the RPC Company has been striving to meet the professional needs of employers in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and beyond. We focus on providing the personalized service to help our clients build their staffs with top talent. Contact RPC Company to learn more.


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