Ten Things Employers Never See a Confident Person Do


Confidence is a key trait employers look for in candidates during job interviews. If you don’t seem confident in your own abilities, a hiring manager may question if you actually have what it takes. Sometimes you can inadvertently undermine yourself by coming across as lacking confidence – check out these ten things employers never see a confident person do:


  1. Make Excuses

Confident people don’t try to deflect or pass blame if they mess up. They accept responsibility, learn from it, and consider what they will do to remedy it and prevent it from happening again.


  1. Give Up

Perseverance is a trait of the truly confident. When circumstances are challenging, they believe in themselves enough to keep trying different things until they succeed instead of giving up.


  1. Hesitate to Act

Confident workers don’t wait to be told what to do or keep ideas to themselves. They are proactive at volunteering for tasks or suggesting solutions because they know they have valuable information to share.


  1. Crave Attention or Praise

It’s often the least confident people who are the most vocal about their accomplishments. Employers don’t see confident people bragging or expecting praise because they know they can let their work speak for itself.


  1. Procrastinate

Putting off a task is often due to self-doubt about handling the difficulty of it. Those with confidence dive right in because they know they’ll be able to do what it takes to overcome whatever comes their way.


  1. Avoid Conflict

Confident people aren’t afraid to take a stand, even when other people are questioning their ideas or outright saying they’re wrong. They don’t allow other people’s negativity to influence them and make them back down.


  1. Embrace Their Comfort Zone

Taking chances may result in mistakes or even failure, but confident people don’t let that stop them. They know that taking risks is crucial for growth, even if they stumble at first.


  1. Take Too Much Credit

People who lack confidence have difficulty sharing credit with others because they need the reassurance and are threatened by sharing it with others. Confident people don’t need the ego trip of getting all the credit to themselves.


  1. Talk Too Much

Insecurity can show itself through sheer volume. Employees who are confident aren’t the ones who talk over others at meetings or one-on-one conversations. They know they won’t be forgotten about or dismissed if they are not forcing themselves to be heard at all times.


  1. Never Make Mistakes

Confidence truly comes from within. People aren’t confident because they never make mistakes, they simply don’t let their mistakes define their abilities. Confident people are not afraid to admit their mistakes or shortcomings because they ultimately know they’re capable.

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