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Morale is crucial in a customer service role. Satisfied, engaged CSRs are more likely to go above and beyond and offer top notch service to customers. Unfortunately, the very nature of call centers can be counterproductive to morale, and lead to unmotivated CSRs due to the lack of flexibility in scheduling because of the need for constant coverage, combined with a never-ending amount of high-stress workflow. It isn’t a lost cause though – win the war against unmotivated CSRs with these tips:

Set the Tone

Your CSRs feed off your energy and get their cues on how to act. If you want to motivate your team, be a positive example. Let them witness you being upbeat and proactive, not getting overwhelmed during stressful situations, and any other ways in which you want them to act. The more they see it from you, the more likely they are to model it themselves.

Recognize Their Effort

A little appreciation goes a long way in making your CSRs feel more motivated to be top performers. If they feel like their effort goes unnoticed, it makes sense that they would save themselves the trouble. To reinvigorate their enthusiasm for the job, make it a point to publicly recognize a job well done and thank them for the value they add.

Make it Worth Their While

Sure, your employees get a paycheck but if that’s the only compensation or perk you’re willing to give, they’re only going to give the bare minimum in return. If you want them to be truly motivated, consider offering incentives, such as a bonus or prize to the CSR with the best customer comments or most cross-sales.

Get Everyone on the Same Team

Camaraderie among your employees is what turns individual coworkers into an actual team. When your CSRs feel connected with one another, they are more likely to enjoy their work and will want to try harder and help out one another and the organization as a whole. Arrange opportunities for socializing so your team can get to know one another.

Figure Out Individual Preferences

At the end of the day, your CSRs are all individual people with unique motivators. To be the most effective at battling demotivation, dig a little deeper and see if there are unique preferences for different employees. Solicit feedback on what motivates them the most, such as in one-on-one meetings, so you can offer different options, incentives, and tactics depending on their individual preferences. It may be extra work, but it can pay off greatly.

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