Are You Too Eager?


A standard piece of job interview advice is to show your enthusiasm – playing it too cool can make hiring managers think you don’t really want the job that much and won’t be engaged or committed. However, if the enthusiasm goes too far, it can distract from your qualifications and make hiring managers hesitant. Learn why being too eager can be seen as a red flag by hiring managers during your interview.

  • Level of Professionalism

If you’re not holding back your emotions during an interview, the hiring manager may be concerned about how professional you will act in the workplace. Will you be a loose cannon or overshare inappropriate personal information or otherwise make people uncomfortable? Being enthusiastic but still reserved can show that you understand professional norms and boundaries.

  • Commitment to Job

Eagerness can sometimes be construed as desperation during a job interview. And while it’s understandable if you’re in a position where you really, really need a job, it can also make hiring managers concerned. Candidates who accept jobs out of desperation can end up wasting both their own time and the hiring managers’ if they end up continuing to job search and quitting shortly thereafter. Ensure that you’re asking questions to show that you’re trying to make an informed decision on if it’s a good fit.

  • Job Expectations

There is no such thing as a “dream job.” Every role has its downsides, and it’s up to hiring managers to find the candidates that have a comprehensive idea of what the job will entail and will be motivated to excel. When you’re overeager, it can make hiring managers wonder if you’re viewing the job with rose-colored glasses and have unrealistic expectations. Acknowledge your full understanding of the role and be ready to address how you will face likely challenges.

  • Hidden Red Flags

Sometimes the most over-the-top excited candidates who say all the positive things that hiring managers want to hear are often compensating for some hidden negative information and hoping to get hired before it comes to light. Prevent your interviewer from being suspicious of you by giving authentic responses, even if they aren’t as polished or upbeat as you think would be preferred.

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