Employee Feedback in Recruiting


When you’re strategizing recruitment practices to attract top talent, your best source of information isn’t industry research or input from other hiring managers or high ranking executives; it’s your current staff. Being at the same level as the candidates you’re trying to recruit, your team’s perspective can provide valuable insight into your company’s strengths and weaknesses so you can brand it effectively to potential employees. Learn more with these four ways to use employee feedback to recruit great talent.

  1. Cultivate a Supportive Company Culture

A positive work environment, in which leadership and colleagues alike support one another and are vested in each other’s success, ensures long-term job satisfaction. Even if employees love the work itself, the company’s mission, etc., a negative relationship with their boss or co-workers can make their engagement plummet. Ask your employees what could make your company culture more supportive (adequate training, open communication, recognition of effort, etc.). This can be used as a major selling point when recruiting candidates.

  1. Highlight Testimony from Current Employees at All Levels

On your company’s career website or other recruitment materials, utilize your current employees’ feedback in the form of testimonials. Be inclusive and highlight testimony from a variety of positions, not just mid-level or executive. It will read more authentic if you showcase feedback from every level, and be more persuasive to candidates. Plus, it demonstrates that your company values all of its employees and respects their contributions.

  1. Prioritize Employee Engagement

If you find the top talent you hire eventually starts to lose their passion and motivation to go above and beyond, it could be a sign that your company is not prioritizing employee engagement enough. This could give your company a bad reputation if top performers regularly quit and go elsewhere, and make your recruiting efforts more difficult. Listen to your employees’ feedback on what keeps them engaged (such as a unified vision for the company or feeling appreciated for their work) so you can not only attract top talent initially, but make them stay.

  1. Focus on Professional Development

It’s crucial in your recruitment efforts to show that your workplace is one in which top talent will thrive and grow. Top performers tend to be ambitious, so if they feel like they will be held back by a lack of opportunities for advancement, they will go elsewhere. Find out from your employee feedback how they feel about the professional development offered at your company, and see how you could improve to be a more competitive employer when recruiting.

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