First Day on the Job

Before the first day at a new job, even seasoned professionals who are confident in their skills and qualifications may find themselves dealing with anxiety that takes them back in time and mimic the jitters before the first day of school. It makes sense, as both situations involve many unknown variables in an environment that will play a major part in everyday life. Check out these reasons why your first day at a new job is like your first day at school and how you can prepare.

  • Nerves About Fitting In

Being concerned about how you’ll be perceived by your new colleagues can make you feel like the new kid in school. Make a good professional first impression by making it a point to smile and act enthusiastic about being there, ask questions, offer to help, and be all-around positive in interactions.

  • Picking Out the Right Outfit

While your new boss and coworkers aren’t as likely as students on the first day of school to notice or care whether you’re wearing the latest trends, what you wear is still an important decision. Too casual and you’ll feel unprofessional, but too formal and you’ll feel out of place. If you haven’t already, ask about the dress code and what employees tend to wear. When in doubt, wear something similar to what your hiring manager wore in the interview.

  • Finding Where to Go

The night before the first day at a new job can bring flashbacks of worrying about not being able to find your locker or your classroom at school. Alleviate these concerns by verifying where you need to report on the first day and plan to leave extra early to find parking and have a buffer in case of missteps.

  • New People to Remember

The first day at a new place is typically going to be a whirlwind of introductions, which can be overwhelming. Be prepared to introduce yourself, and show interest in those you meet by asking them about themselves and their roles at the company. It’ll make it easier for you to remember them, and you’ll come across likeable as well.

  • Lots of Note-Taking

There’s going to be a flurry of information coming your way, and your boss and colleagues expect you to pick it up a whole lot faster than your teachers did. Prevent the embarrassment of having to ask for information you were already given by taking lots of notes. Show up with a pad of paper and pen and record as much detail as you can so you can be self-sufficient more quickly.

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