Avoid Making a Bad Impression

A compelling resume may get your foot in the door with hiring managers, but the interview is what plays a significant role in getting the job. Unfortunately, candidates can inadvertently harm their chances by behaving in ways that make hiring managers question their professionalism. Avoid making a bad impression in your interview with these tips.

  • Be on Time

Punctuality counts in an interview. If you show up late, regardless of how legitimate your reasons are, it can make the hiring manager question how seriously you take the opportunity. Plus, if you have issues being on time for an interview, they may think you’ll be even less conscientious if hired. Get directions, do a trial drive, evaluate parking options, and clarify the meeting area all ahead of time.

  • Research the Organization

Candidates who show up to interviews without knowing basic information about the company make a bad impression because it shows a lack of preparation and enthusiasm. Take the time to review the company’s website, social media accounts, and recent press releases. You’ll have more thoughtful answers and show that you are more driven.

  • Answer Honestly

Be authentic in your responses to the interviewer to make a good impression. Interviewers can tell when candidates are giving canned, rehearsed answers or trying to present themselves as having no weaknesses. Being willing to admit your mistakes or areas that need improvement shows that you are self-aware, as opposed to candidates who try to put on a “perfect” facade.

  • Maintain a Positive Outlook

Interviewers understand it’s likely that you’re dissatisfied with your previous or current employer in some way if you’re seeking a new opportunity. However, any negative talk about your last employer, no matter how accurate or justified in your view, can make you seem bitter. Think of a positive spin for any potentially negative topics to avoid making a bad impression that you’re a negative person.

  • Ask Questions

Any feelings of goodwill toward you can be significantly reduced if you leave the interview without asking any questions. Questions that show your interest in learning more about the job (as opposed to blatantly self-serving questions, such as asking about vacation time before you even get an offer) demonstrate that you’re performing due diligence and truly take the opportunity to work for the company seriously.

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