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Many candidates may have previous experience working in a call center, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were high performers. Call center work, especially in Dallas, requires particular soft skills and personality traits, but if you interview candidates strategically by evaluating them for the right set of experience and potential, you’ll increases your chances of making a successful hire. Look out for these six signs that you’re interviewing a top performing call center representative:

  1. They Communicate Clearly

Communication skills are essential for any workplace, but effective verbal communication is especially crucial in a call center environment since customers won’t have any visual cues. If the candidate is articulate and easy to understand during the interview, they’ll likely be a top call center representative.

  1. They’ve Accomplished Goals

Results are what matters in the call center. If the candidate can provide compelling and objective examples of what they accomplished in their previous work history, it’s also highly likely they’ll be a top performer for you.

  1. They’ve Overcome Obstacles

Everyone has to deal with challenging circumstances in a call center, but what separates the best representatives from the rest is how they learn from these experiences. Ask candidates for an instance in which they made a mistake – if they are able to be self-aware enough to answer honestly and demonstrate growth and improvement, you have a winner.

  1. They’re Proactive

Top performers in a call center can think quickly and problem solve with little need for escalating issues to management. Pose a relevant scenario of a common issue for your call center and have the candidate discuss how they would handle it. A proactive answer can make you feel more confident in their abilities within your center.

  1. Their Personality Fits with Company Culture

Even if a call center candidate has the expertise and skills required to be a top notch representative, it doesn’t mean that they would be the best fit if their personality won’t work well with the company culture. For instance, a cutthroat personality may not align with a more laid back and non-competitive culture.

  1. They Ask Questions

A candidate that seems truly interested in the opportunity to work for you is also likely to extend that enthusiasm into the workplace if hired and end up being a top performer. Pay attention to the type of questions they ask – if you get a sense they are serious about the opportunity, and not just asking self-serving questions, they may be a contender.

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