Call Center Problems


A call center environment is something that you must experience before you can truly get an idea of just how unique the work environment and daily workload is compared to other service jobs. Check out these 10 things that only call center employees will understand.

  1. System Outage is a Celebration

When the phone system goes down, it’s like the call center employees’ version of a kids’ snow day. An unexpected break…that is, until it’s up and running and you have a backlog of customers. But it’s fun while it lasts!

  1. Trying to Talk Between Calls

When the phones aren’t ringing, it’s always a gamble on when to attempt to talk to a co-worker. And inevitably, when you go for it, the phone rings.

  1. When Management is Unavailable, Something Goes Wrong

Your manager could be around all day and there are no issues that need escalation. The second she steps out, a customer needs something you aren’t authorized to handle.

  1. The Awkwardness of a Slow System

Nothing interrupts the flow of a customer interaction like your system moving at a snail’s pace – requiring you to break up the silences.

  1. Mute Button Paranoia

Even if you’re not saying anything inappropriate, there’s always a small part of you deep down that is afraid the customer might hear you after you hit the mute button.

  1. The Thrill of Training

No matter how mundane the topic or how well you already know the material, training sessions are a source of joy because you get a little downtime away from the queue.

  1. Sometimes You’re Essentially a Therapist

Many customers don’t want to just have their problems solved. They want someone to vent to, so call center employees know to play the part of “phone therapist” and let frustrated customers get it off their chests.

  1. Having One Customer Skew Your Whole Call Time Average

You could be on a roll, and getting your calls handled in an efficient and timely manner….until you get one long-winded customer interaction that singlehandedly destroys your stats.

  1. Not Wanting to Use a Phone On Your Days Off

Talking to someone on the phone during your time away from the call center just feels like work. Your good friends know that a leisurely phone conversation is not in the cards on your days off.

  1. Amusement of Words to Demonstrate Spelling

Keeping morale up in the call center means looking for humor in various places. When customers use words to demonstrate the letter they are spelling out (e.g., “’B’ as in ‘boy’”), the creativity of the examples can provide welcome amusement and stories to share with co-workers.

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