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When candidates are evaluating potential employers, money may be important but the work environment may be the deciding factor. Spending a great deal of time in a negative workplace can eventually take such a toll that no amount of compensation can overcome it. Attract the attention of talented candidates by focusing on a positive work environment.

  • Work-Life Balance

A company culture that encourages its employees to have well-rounded lives is more likely to have higher rates of job satisfaction. Not only that, employees who work at a place that values work-life balance tend to be more productive and engaged, since they’re less prone to burnout. Set clear expectations regarding performance and results, but ensure workers aren’t afraid to use their paid time off, take breaks, or not be reachable outside of work hours. Be flexible about scheduling or consider allowing work-from-home options if at all possible.

  • Employee-Leadership Trust

There’s a common career saying along the lines of: “Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.”  A company could offer amazing perks, but still not retain top talent if there aren’t effective professional relationships with leadership. Work to establish transparent communication, be willing to listen to feedback, and take the effort to motivate teams through positivity rather than fear, in order to reduce the trust gap between contributors and management.

  • Opportunities for Growth

Organizations can inadvertently alienate employees by keeping them from developing professionally. If time goes by and neither their responsibilities nor training increases, top talent may feel like they’re going through the motions without making any progress in their career paths. Even if your organization isn’t conducive to promotions or creating new positions, foster growth to prevent a work environment that could be seen as a dead end. Let employees take on new tasks, have them accompany you to project meetings or networking events, or offer regular training to gain new skills.

  • Employee Appreciation

The importance of a simple “thank you” in establishing a positive work environment can’t be overstated. People as a whole are driven by more than just money – they want to feel like they are providing value. Expressing your appreciation and extending compliments to your team can make them feel like they are a significant part of the organization and that their contributions are valuable – thus, creating a cycle of making them want to achieve even more.

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