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After the interview is over, you have one final opportunity to make a positive lasting impression on the hiring manager: the follow-up. While mailed notes were once the standard, follow-up emails are now generally the best way to make contact and thank the hiring manager for considering you. Follow-up emails can do a lot more than express your appreciation – if approached right, they could seal the deal and get you the job. Check out these tips on how to write the perfect follow-up email after your interview.

  • Stay Top-of-Mind

Time is of the essence with follow-up emails. Send it as soon as possible, but at least within 48 hours. This not only demonstrates that you’re professional and courteous, it also shows that you’re still interested in the job. If they’re stuck between you and another similarly qualified candidate, enthusiasm can be the deciding factor.

  • Stick to the Point

The follow-up email isn’t the place for multiple detailed paragraphs – that was what your cover letter accomplished. Be concise and stick to just a couple of sentences. If you go too long, they may only skim it and miss some of your key points if they’re buried in text. Open with a greeting and simply express your appreciation for the hiring manager taking the time to meet with you, and reiterate that you’re excited at being considered for the position, and looking forward to hearing back.

  • Make It Personal

Tailor your follow-up email to the specific interview so it doesn’t read like a generic template. Refer to the hiring manager by name, and include a mention of a topic or instance that came up during your interview. If you feel as though you didn’t communicate your strengths effectively enough during the interview or if the hiring manager seemed to have concerns, take this final opportunity to address them.

  • Sell Yourself a Final Time

Remember: the follow-up email is your final opportunity to influence the hiring manager’s decision, so make it count. Conclude the email with one to two sentences summarizing your professional and personal qualifications (your “elevator pitch”) and why you would be the best candidate for the job.

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