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Traditional managing best practices tend to approach the workplace as one team, rather than individual workers competing against one another. And for good reason: overly competitive workplaces can be toxic if winning and/or making co-workers “losers” is valued above all else. However, healthy competition can create a more ambitious and productive atmosphere, since underperformers often have the ability to achieve more but don’t have the motivation. Read on to learn about the benefits of making your workplace competitive.

  • They’ll Work with a Greater Purpose

To make the competition healthy and not self-centered, it is important to keep the focus on how the effort and results contribute to the company’s overall goals and mission. Before implementing any type of competition (such as ranking customer service representatives based on cross-sales), ensure your staff knows why the task is valuable to the company, and thus, improves job security. Along with being motivating for individual performances, the competition will actually foster an atmosphere of teamwork, as any type of negative behavior will affect accomplishing the company’s vision.

  • They’ll Feel Accountable

A little competition can create an internal spark that makes employees feel engaged with their work performance and outcome. Improving engagement is a major factor in employee retention – the majority of employees want to feel like they have a reason to put forth effort. A competitive workforce can help staff actually care about the outcome of their contributions, because they can directly see how their actions and outcome provide value. Feeling like they have ownership makes them more inspired to come to work each day and put forth their maximum effort.

  • They’ll Grow as Professionals

When employees see just how they rank against their co-workers in competitions, it can be more insightful and motivating than performance reviews from management. It prevents complacency because less effort will be quite obvious when compared to others’ performances. Competitive workforces can help employees strive to be better on their own and become more innovative for developing their own solutions on how to be more productive and successful – instead of simply being told they need to improve, they’ll be more likely to take it into their own hands (such as asking for advice from higher performers).

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