Managers and Leaders


Managers and Leaders

A management title doesn’t necessarily indicate true leadership ability. Managing processes and ensuring tasks get done is essential, but a true leader knows how to inspire others and get them to work to the best of their abilities. Take a look at these key traits of leaders to determine whether your managers also possess leadership skills.

The most effective leaders:

  • Focus on Collaborating Over Commanding

    Delegating tasks is a major part of being a manager, but what separates the true leaders is their willingness to get others involved in the process. Leaders care about being innovative, and know that others’ input can lead to creative discussions and positive change. Managers who are not leaders will more likely approach tasks as a to-do list that should be done without discussion.

  • Care About the Growth of Their Employees

    Leaders don’t focus so closely on short-term priorities that they neglect the bigger picture. Managers with leadership ability carefully look for the long-term potential in their employees and foster that growth. They know that grooming top talent to succeed will ultimately benefit the company, and are not threatened.

  • Don’t Take Credit

    While managers are ultimately responsible for their team’s outcomes, the ones who are leaders know that the results are more important than who gets credit. If anything, they feel a team effort is more of a mark of success because it sets them up for future gains in terms of continued teamwork, positive morale, and employee engagement.

  • Communicate Purpose

    A key difference between managers and leaders is the emphasis put on personally motivating their employees. Managers tell their staff what to do, while those with leadership skills take it a step further and convey why the tasks at hand are important in helping the company achieve its goals. Communicating the purpose of employees’ responsibilities inspires them to work harder because they know their work has value.

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