Is Your Workforce Overwhelmed? Here's How to be a Great Leader to Them!


Is Your Workforce Overwhelmed? Here's How to be a Great Leader to Them!

The opportunity for managers to truly shine and prove their value and ability as leaders is during times of stress. When your team has a heavy workload and competing priorities, morale and productivity can suffer unless they have a guiding force to prevent them from becoming burned out and disengaged. Be a great leader to your workforce when they are overwhelmed with these tips:

Keep Purpose in the Forefront

Workforces often become overwhelmed as a result of stretching themselves too thin and spending time on tasks that aren’t necessarily the best use of their time and talents. Increase your team’s productivity and lower their stress by evaluating tasks to determine if they fit the department’s intended purpose. For instance, if employees are spending too much time on daily, recurring tasks that leave no time for strategic thinking, then you may need to eliminate or automate the tasks to free up time for more purposeful activities.

Evaluate Workflow Processes

Take some time to sit with your employees and see how things are really done. There may be inefficiencies in workflow processes that could be corrected in order to make their daily workload less overwhelming. You can also offer helpful advice on how they could be more productive with less stress, such as by making better progress on big projects by breaking them down into smaller tasks.

Show Your Support

Make it clear to your team that you’re on their side and want to help them succeed. Asking them how they’re doing and if they need help can alleviate stress. It shows that you truly want to motivate them, rather than place blame or threaten discipline if things go wrong.

Promote Positive Morale

Managers set the tone for the work environment; therefore, if you want your team to be as upbeat as possible during times of heavy workload, be a good influence! Make it a point to handle stressful situations with positivity, whether it’s looking for humor in a seemingly impossible situation or brainstorming ways to prevent repeating mistakes instead of being mad about the most recent outcome. Show your team how to take control of their own morale.

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