When you receive an offer for a job you’ve sought after, it can be tempting to readily agree to the salary with no questions asked – after all, there may be other candidates who will be willing to take whatever is offered. However, you could be doing a great disservice to your long-term career earning potential if you don’t negotiate for a salary that is fair compensation for your experience, duties, and performance. Look for these key factors to help you know when to negotiate for a better salary:

Your Salary is Not Aligned with Industry Ranges

Research online for the range of salaries for your job position, industry, education, experience, and geographical region. This can give you a basic idea of the bare minimum salary that is acceptable. If an initial salary offer is significantly below the standard, you’ll be armed with plenty of information to back up your case that a higher salary is in order.

You Have Stats to Prove Your Performance

In order to be worthy of a higher salary, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can increase the company’s bottom line with your contribution. Compile cold hard statistics, such as sales figures or a percentage in which you improved productivity, to prove why giving you a higher salary would be a worthwhile investment.

The Position Includes “Out-of-the-Ordinary” Duties

Don’t allow yourself to perform significantly more work without being compensated accordingly. If your job position is normally very specialized, yet a company requires you to handle tasks that are well outside of the normal scope for the job, you should request to be paid a salary to include the additional work.

No Additional Perks or Benefits Are Offered

Keep in mind that salary is not the only way to be paid for a position. A salary on the lower end of a preferred range may be a sufficient offer if other monetary benefits, such as a comprehensive health plan or additional vacation time, are included. If a company does not offer any other additional perks to supplement a low salary offer, you have room to negotiate further – whether that’s an actual higher paycheck or other perks you desire, such as flexible scheduling.

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