Call centers are vast, complex places of work, and require a high degree of organization. Because there are so many “moving parts,” even something small like shaving 30 seconds off each call makes a tremendous impact. Managing call centers isn’t easy, so here are 5 steps to help managing cell centers effectively.

1. Solid training.
Because call centers are the most frequent source of contact between customers and your company, it is imperative to ensure your call center is well trained. A call center agent who has incorrect information may talk to more than 50 people a day, and even a small discrepancy can create undue frustration for customers.

2. Consistent QA.
One of the primary feedback vehicles is quality assurance. This provides representatives valuable feedback in understanding the “right” way to field a call, and ensures that representative’s performances are on par with the company’s standards.

3. Positive incentives.
Workers must have a goal and be rewarded for their work. Allowing only the negatives to pervade the workplace will create an unstable environment and foster negative attitudes. Attitude is paramount in a call center, so it’s important to keep a positive mentality with positive incentives.

4. Scheduling.
Call centers tend to have a few key hours in which the center is inundated with calls. During this time, ensure that the schedule will effectively cover the queue as much as possible. Moreover, ensure that your company has enough trained workers for time off, sick time, and to cover the queue while you reinforce training.

5. Hire the best talent.
Talent and ability require less training, and are able to produce more with less, all things considered. Training candidates who don’t have the natural talent or ability will lead to high turnover and disrupt the company’s brand.

Call centers are incredibly complex, but because they’re one of the most frequent methods of speaking directly with customers, it is imperative that they’re organized and efficient. Following these steps will help refine your call center into a model of efficiency and productivity.


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