Every small business owner would love to be able to offer the kinds of perks that make companies famous, like onsite gyms, day care centers, food courts, and endless free parking. If you’re a small to mid-sized organization or a start-up, you may not have what it takes to add these kinds of luxury amenities, but you can still take a few easy, inexpensive steps that can make your workplace more fun and your employees lives a little easier. Try these moves for starters.

1. Flexible hours. It’s not difficult at all to institute a flexible schedule and allow employees to make up missed work time by coming in on weekends. The work still gets done, and employees appreciate your willingness to trust them and accommodate their busy lives.

2. A work-at-home policy. When employees have gained a certain level of seniority or have proven themselves after a year or more with the company, start offering the opportunity to work from home. For most positions, the technology is certainly available. It just takes a confident employer to let go and trust employees to handle their tasks remotely.

3. A nap area. If you have an extra storage room, or an unused office or conference room, set up a few couches and blankets and allow employees to take a ten or fifteen minute nap when they need to. This can do wonders for productivity.

4. Discounts with nearby businesses. This can work especially well for gyms, day care centers and restaurants. Not only will you win approval from your employees, but you’ll also be supporting the local community.

5. Feed them. Few things can influence and motivate a team like food. This is possibly the most cost effective perk available, since a continental breakfast now and then, a box of donuts, or some sandwiches during a meeting can be very inexpensive and highly appreciated.

6. Occasional parties and outings. Sponsor a happy hour with drinks and snacks at a local watering hole, or plan a mini-golf trip on a Saturday afternoon. On a hot summer Friday, take the whole team out for ice cream. This will not only boost morale, it will give your employees a chance to get to know each other outside of the office.

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