You like your front running candidate. She’s smart, self-motivated, and holds all the skill sets she needs to step into the job in question. She’s also pleasant to speak to and seems easy to get along with. All evidence suggests that she’ll hit the ground running and thrive in the position she’s applying for right now.

But what about future positions? Does she have what it takes to grow with this company and start advancing to greater levels of responsibility when the time comes? Here are a few ways to determine if employee will be likely to stay and grow with your company.

1. Just ask her. Ask if this kind of company represents her vision of a long term career path. If she agrees in her own words, then that’s a good sign.

2. Ask her why she got into this field and where she wants to see herself in two, three, and five years. Ask this before you fully explain the options for growth that are currently available here.

3. Listen closely to the answer above and then provide a basic outline of the paths that that extend from this position. If she’ll have the opportunity to apply for a management or supervisory role in a year or two, explain what she’ll need to do to make this happen.

4. Back up and take a wide view of the candidate’s approach to continuing education. Did she complete a bachelor’s degree and then expect never to step into a classroom again? Or is she constantly taking courses, reading, and keeping up on industry news?

5. Ask behavioral questions related to her ability to adapt. For example, ask if she’s ever had to win someone over to her point of view, or if she’s ever had to lead a team through a difficult period of change. If she says yes, find out what her specific challenges were and how she overcame them.

6. Describe where you’d like to take the company in five years and see how she responds. If she’s applying for a senior level position, ask where she would like to take the company during a similar time period.

If your employee has the availability, the level of commitment, and the level of long term interest that can keep her on board through your company’s rough patches and periods of slow growth, then she’s probably the one for you. For more on how to tighten your screening process, reach out to the Dallas, Texas staffing experts at RPC. You can also contact the experts at our branches in Addison, Farmers Branch, and dozens of other locations by clicking here.

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