When you walk into a job interview, chances are you’re at least a little bit nervous. This is natural. If you’re interested in the job, the stakes are high and you want to come off well. You want to communicate your qualifications clearly, and you want to seem honest and confident.

But you may not realize that the hiring manager across from you is also nervous, maybe even more than you are. She may not be afraid of the same things, but she certainly has a lot riding on the outcome of this conversation. If you take a minute to think about the things she’s most of afraid of, you may be able to win her over by putting some of these concerns to rest.

Hiring Manager Secret Fear 5: Missing Important Details

Your interviewer is trying to glean as much information as she can about you during a short 30 minute conversation, and she’s legitimately concerned that she might miss something. So help her out. Explain the most important and relevant aspects of your background, even if she doesn’t ask about them directly. Explain why you want this job and why you think you would be a perfect match.

Hiring Manager Secret Fear 4: Intentional and Unintentional Deception

Hiring managers are legitimately concerned about being bamboozled or taken in by a candidate’s misleading persona. Make his job and your own life easier by being yourself. Don’t laugh at jokes you didn’t understand. Don’t say things about yourself that aren’t true. Just relax. He wants you to be happy here if he hires you. So let him see you as you are so he can make an informed decision.

Hiring Manager Secret Fear 3: Loosing a Great Candidate

If you’re a great match for the company culture and you’re a natural at this line of work, the interviewer across from you wants to know and he wants you on board. He doesn’t want you to walk away with a negative impression of the company. At the same time, if you’re not a cultural fit or you’d be in over your head with this level of responsibility, he doesn’t want to set you up for struggle or failure.

Hiring Manager Secret Fear 2: Embarrassment in Front of His or Her Boss

You need a job, but the interviewer across from you has one already, and he wants to do it well. If you look good, he looks good. And if you make a great first impression in this position, he’ll make a great 10th or 100th impression.

Hiring Manager Secret Fear 1: Mistakes with Lasting Consequences

Most important of all, your interview wants to help this company succeed, please its customers, and make money. If you’re likely to support this process, he wants to know. If not, any trouble that results from his poor choice will be on his head. Let him know that you care about this company too, and that if you’re hired, you’ll take this team and its mission as seriously as he does.

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